Export Formats

While there are many libraries and frameworks that work directly with Tiled maps, Tiled also supports a number of additional file and export formats, as well as exporting a map to an image.

Exporting can be done by clicking File > Export. When triggering the menu action multiple times, Tiled will only ask for the file name the first time. Exporting can also be automated using the --export-map and --export-tileset command-line parameters.

Several Export Options are available, which are applied to maps or tilesets before they are exported (without affecting the map or tileset itself).


When exporting on the command-line on Linux, Tiled will still need an X server to run. To automate exports in a headless environment, you can use a headless X server such as Xvfb. In this case you would run Tiled from the command-line as follows:

xvfb-run tiled --export-map ...