Since Tiled 1.4


What’s in a Project

A Tiled project file primarily defines the list of folders containing the assets belonging to that project. In addition, it provides an anchor for the session file.

Apart from the list of folders, a project currently has the following properties, which can be changed through the Project -> Project Properties… dialog.

Extensions Directory

A project-specific directory where you can put Tiled extensions. It defaults to simply extensions, so when you have a directory called “extensions” alonside your project file it will be picked up automatically.

The directory is loaded in addition to the global extensions.

Object Types File

Refers to the file defining the object types. Be sure to specify this file before opening the Object Types Editor, to make sure any types you define are saved to the right location.

When left unspecified, object type definitions are saved to a global location.

Property Types

Any types defined in the Property Types Editor are automatically saved in the project.

Automapping Rules File

Refers to an Automapping rules file that should be used for all maps while this project is loaded. It is ignored for maps that have a rules.txt file saved alongside them.


Each project file gets an associated .tiled-session file, stored alongside it. The session file should generally not be shared with others and stores your last opened files, part of their last editor state, last used parameters in dialogs, etc.

When switching projects Tiled automatically switches to the associated session, so you can easily resume where you left off. When no project is loaded a global session file is used.

Opening a File in the Project

Another advantage of setting up a project is that you can quickly open any file with a recognized extension located in one of the folders of the project. Use File -> Open File in Project (Ctrl+P) to open the file filter and just type the name of the file you’d like to open.

Open File in Project

Open File in Project

Future Extensions

There are many ways in which the projects could be made more powerful:

  • Make the project accessible through the scripting API.

  • Allow turning off features on a per-project basis, to simplify the UI and reduce the chance of accidentally doing something your project doesn’t support.

  • Recognizing the various assets in your project, so that selection of images, tilesets and templates can be made more efficient (potentially replacing the system file dialog).

If you like any of these plans, please help me getting around to it faster by sponsoring Tiled development. The more support I receive the more time I can afford to spend improving Tiled!