Tiled can export to Defold using one of the two supplied plugins. Both are disabled by default.


This plugin exports a map to a Defold Tile Map (*.tilemap). It only supports tile layers and only a single tileset may be used.

Upon export, the tile_set property of the Tile Map is left empty, so it will need to be set up in Defold after each export.

Since Tiled 1.3


This plugin exports a map to a Defold Collection (*.collection), while also creating multiple .tilemap files.

It supports:

  • Group layers (only top-level group layers are supported, not nested ones!)

  • Multiple Tilesets per Tilemap

Upon export:

  • The Path property of each Tileset may need to be set up manually in Defold after each export. However, Tiled will attempt to find the .tilesource file corresponding with the name your Tileset in Tiled in your project’s /tilesources/ directory. If one is found, manual adjustments won’t be necessary.

  • If you create custom properties on your map called x-offset and y-offset, these values will be used as coordinates for your top-level GameObject in the Collection. This is useful when working with Worlds.

All layers of a Tilemap will have Z-index property assigned with values ranging between 0 and 0.1. The plugin supports the use of 9999 Group Layers and 9999 Tile Layers per Group Layer.

When any additional information from the map is needed, the map can be exported in Lua format and loaded as Defold script.