New in Tiled 1.10

Godot 4

Godot 4 revamped its TileMap node, and Tiled ships with a plugin to export maps in this format. For exporting to Godot 3, see the Tiled To Godot Export extension.

The Godot 4 exporter assumes that the generated .tscn files and the tileset artwork all share the same file hierarchy. The exporter will search for a common parent folder containing a .godot project file and use that folder as the res:// root for the project. The exporter will search at least two parent folders for a .godot file.

Layer Properties

All layer types support the following custom properties:

  • bool ySortEnabled (default: false)

  • int zIndex (default: 0)

  • bool noExport (default: false)

  • bool tilesetOnly (default: blank)

The ySortEnabled property can be used to change the drawing order to allow sprites to be drawn behind tiles based on their Y coordinate.

The zIndex property can be used to assign a specific depth value to a layer.

The noExport property can be used to suppress exporting of an entire layer, including any child layers. This is useful if you use a layer for annotations (like adding background image or text objects) that you do not want exported to Godot. Note that any views defined on this layer will then also get ignored.

The tilesetOnly property can be used if you want to export all the tilesets used in this layer, without actually exporting the layer itself. By default, the exporter will only export tilesets which are actually used in the map, so this property allows you to export tilesets that normally would otherwise get skipped. This is most useful in combination with the tilesetResPath property.

Tileset Properties

Tilesets support the following property:

  • bool exportAlternates (default: false)

Deprecated: The exportAlternates property is necessary when using flipped or rotated tiles in Godot 4.0 and 4.1. This will create 7 alternate tiles for each tile, allowing all flipped and rotation combinations. This has been deprecated in Tiled 1.10.3 in favour of Godot 4.2’s native rotation and flipping support.

Tile Properties

New in Tiled 1.10.2

All custom properties set on tiles will get exported as Custom Data Layers of the Godot TileSet resource.

Map Properties

Maps support the following custom property:

  • string tilesetResPath (default: blank)

The tilesetResPath property saves the tileset to an external .tres file, allowing it to be shared between multiple maps more efficiently. This path must be in the form of ‘res://<path>.tres’. The tileset file will be overwritten every time the map is exported.


Only tilesets that are used in the current map will be exported. You must ensure that every map which uses the same .tres file also uses all of the same tilesets. You may wish to create a layer with the tilesetOnly property to ensure the correct tilesets are exported.

Since Tiled 1.10.3

Object Properties

Objects support the following property:

  • string resPath (required)

The resPath property takes the form of ‘res://<pbject path>.tscn’ and must be set to the path of the Godot object you wish to replace the object with. Objects without this property set will not be exported.


  • The Godot 4 exporter does not currently support collection of images tilesets or image layers.

  • Godot’s hexagonal maps only support hex side lengths that are exactly half the tile height. So if, for example, your tile height is 16, then your hex side length must be 8.

  • Godot’s hexagonal maps do not support 120° tile rotations.

  • Animations frames must strictly go from left-to-right and top-to-bottom, without skipping any frames, and animation frames may not be used for anything else.